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Property Manager Woodland Hills

Maintenance Tasks to Ignore at Your Peril   Home ownership means regular maintenance and repair chores, but some are more important than others. Here are 5 that should top your priority list: 1. Make sure your appliances aren’t being recalled. Why it matters: The non-profit Consumer Reports magazine wrote an eye-popping piece about how often home appliances catch fire: more than 150,000… Read More →

Property Manager Winnetka

Questions for Determining if You Need a Property Management Firm by Jordan Muela  While every investors situation is different, there are certain scenarios and factors that typically pre-dispose owners one way or the other. The following questions are designed to help you determine if you should consider hiring a property manager.   1. How far… Read More →

Property Manager West Hills

1099 Tax Requirements for Property Managers By: Kaycee Wegener     Besides actually paying your taxes, one of the biggest tax related stresses for property managers involves 1099-MISC reporting.  Property managers are required to issue a 1099-MISC tax form for any service provider or owner who receives more than $600 related to their rental business.  … Read More →

Property Manager Van Nuys

What Is a Property Manager? By Erin Eberlin   You may know that property managers exist, but you might not know what exactly a property manager does. A property manager is a third party who is hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate investment. They can manage all types of properties, from… Read More →

Property Manager Tarzana

  California eviction process   What’s the deal with evictions in California? As the tech hub of the country, it’s no secret that San Francisco has seen an influx of new residents–and an unreal surge in living costs. For a lot of landlords, this landscape is the perfect opportunity to grow their business and offer… Read More →