Tenant Placement

Our Tenant Placement Services include the following:

  • Pre-Market Walk Through
    Write up a detailed description of the rental home, and take interior and exterior marketing photos.
  • Market Analysis
    Compare other like properties on the market, adjust accordingly to Owner needs and availablity date of the property.
  • Marketing
    We will design a listing and utilize listing sites such as WESTSIDE RENTALS, ZILLO, MLS, and others as well as providing rental signage for the property.
  • Showing Property
    Flexible and available 7 days a week to take phone calls and show property.
  • Applicants
    Applicants are professionally screened to include, verifying stated income/employment, credit history, rental history.
  • Walk-Through Inspection
    Complete a detailed written move-in walk through inspection of the property along with detailed digital photos.
  • Lease Signing
    Owners and applicants will have complete understanding of the lease, Owner and Tenant sign the lease.

Why Use Our Tenant Placement?

  • We save you time – potentially lots of time.  We advertise properties that call for numerous showings.  How many lunch breaks do you want to spend driving to a property to let a potential renter check it out?
  • Money.   You will save money by using our service.  How much money will you spend on advertising, gas, background checks, etc.?

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