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Property Management-Winnetka

 Winnetka Property Management     I had my first tenants leave my first rental property and it is a complete mess! Always seemed to be good tenants, house was always well kept when i stopped by, but for some reason for the last two months of their lease they let it all go- left pets… Read More →

Property Management – Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Property Management  Encino Property  Management  Studio City Property Management   Upscale Neighborhoods Near the Urban Core Begin to Shine in Los Angeles by Greg Willett on February 26, 2013 After apartment revenue growth in metro Los Angeles trailed the U.S. norm by a fairly sizable margin in 2010-2011, the area’s stats moved about in line… Read More →

Property Management-Tarzana

   Tarzana Property Manaement Winnetka, Chatsworth Canoga Park     Renters Insurance by Mark A. Schneider   Having an investment property can be a great return on investment. But on the contrary, you do have the management aspect. This can include maintenance, leases, insurance and etc. One of them being your insurance policy. In this… Read More →

Property Management-Winnetka

Winnetka Property Management Canoga Park, Chatsworth     Question: I’m a Landlord in California. I currently, have a tenant that I’m getting frustrated with. She never pays on the 1st, usually the 3rd or 4th. She was a month late once, but managed to get caught up. She hasn’t paid the trash bill since she… Read More →

Property Management-Chatsworth

Chatsworth Property Management Canoga Park, Winnetka Tarzana What Americans Want In Apartment Landscaping by Tara Armbruster As you determine ways to make your apartment complex more appealing to tenants, you should pay attention to the latest trends when it comes to outdoor spaces. More specifically, take note of what the American Society of Landscape Architects… Read More →