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Property Management – Chatsworth

 Chatsworth Property Management Winnetka Property Management Canoga Park Property Management Tarzana Property Management     A condominium complex has multiple owners who own separate areas individually, and common areas collectively. Decisions about common areas are made by the homeowner’s association (HOA) or it’s board of directors. Condos have covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), which govern everything from the elections… Read More →

Property Management-Winnetka

Winnetka Property Management Canoga Park Property Management Cahatsworth Property Management Tarzana  Property Management     Why should I have my commercial property managed by a property management company, collecting rent can’t be that hard? Collecting the rent is only part of the job. When you hire a property management company to manage your commercial property they do just… Read More →

Property Management – Canoga Park

Canoga Park Property Management Tarzana Property Management Chatsworth Property Management Winnetka  Property Management   5 Signs Landlording is Not for you Managing a rental property, along with its tenants, is a difficult and time consuming and a job not everyone is cut out for. In most cases, everyone might be better off hiring a property management company. Most… Read More →

Property Management – Canoga Park

 Canoga Park Property Management Winnetka Property Management Chatswoth Property Management Tarzana Property Management   The Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company If a property owner decides that they are not able to properly manage their property, its important to understand what a good property management company can do. In general, a well-run property management company will yield… Read More →

Property Management-Canoga Park

 Canoga Park Property Management Chatsworth Property Management Winnetka Property Management TarzanaProperty Management   What can I do if a the tenant causes damage to my property? The tenant will be responsible for all damages beyond normal wear and tear. If the tenant does damage to your property, you can hold money  from their security deposit.… Read More →