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Property Management – Granada Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Gaining Efficiency in Real Estate Property Management Nancy Pierce In an increasingly competitive rental market, understanding and using tenant demographics and preferences to strategically select payment channel offerings enables real estate property managers to improve their tenant experience as well as save money and enhance accounts receivable management. This article reports on how different age… Read More →

Property Management – Hidden Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

The Benefits and Costs of a Property Management Company by Bryce Baschuk A property management company can take a lot of the hassle out of renting out an apartment. In this week’s Amateur Landlord, we looked into what a management company actually does and how much it costs to outsource landlord responsibilities. “The issue is… Read More →

Property Management – Lake Balboa – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

The Biggest Mistakes Renters Make By Steve Yoder One effect of the housing market’s collapse has been to turn thousands of homeowners into renters. As owners lost homes to foreclosure or sold properties they couldn’t afford, the home ownership rate has dropped– it now stands at 66.2 percent, lower than any time since 1997. But… Read More →