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Handling Tenant Funds – Property Management – Woodland Hills

Handling Tenant and Owner Funds Owners entrust their property manager with more than just their physical assets. Property managers handle rental income, reserve funds, security deposits, and write checks on the owner’s behalf. To function properly, this relationship requires trust, transparency and accountability. Here’s a list of issues to review and questions to ask the property… Read More →

Property Management – Encino – The Importance of a Property Manager

ENCINO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Importance of a Property Manager   When someone is looking for rental apartments or someone is looking to rent out their home, in the both process you need a help of good and experience property manager. Because they have so much knowledge about the property market, they have updated data.… Read More →

Property Management – Tarzana – Hiring a Property Manager

 TARZANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Landlord Basics: Hiring a Property Manager At some time, most landlords consider whether or not to hire a property manager. Perhaps your rental properties have expanded beyond what you can effectively manage; perhaps you purchased property in another town or state; or perhaps you just don’t want the hassles that come with day-to-day,… Read More →

Property Management – Northridge – Deals through Property Management

 NORTHRIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Rental and Property Deals through Property Management   The real benefit of owning property is getting maximum returns from it in terms of timely rentals from genuine residents who would take care of your property as if it was owned by them. The property owners can enjoy the returns without having… Read More →

Questions to ask – Property Management – Woodland Hills

Questions About Services Provided and Fees Charged: What types of fees do you charge?- Most companies will charge a management fee. Ask how much their fee is. It will typically be between 4 and 10% of the gross monthly income. Make sure the fee is based on rent collected rather than rent due. This will… Read More →