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Maintenance, Collections & Marketing

Carnahan Property Management is Full-Service

We handle as much or as little as you would like. If your dream is to have a money-making property without the hassle, look no further.

Maintenance Service & Supervision

Carnahan Property Management hires and supervises all personnel and provides all services needed to maintain the property, including janitorial, landscaping, sweeping, mechanical, fire and safety, lighting, pest control, trash, security, and other related subcontractor services. Our contracted maintenance crews are available for a predetermined number of hours identified in the property management agreement or on an as-needed basis. We provide a 24-hour answering service for emergency response to problems. Our Regional Property Managers arrange repairs and minor improvements to the property as needed. A detailed inspection report is provided to our clients on a quarterly basis.


At Carnahan Property Management, we handle all of the rent collection for your property. Rents are due on the first of the month, and tenants have until the fifth of each month to pay without a penalty. 90-95% of our tenants pay on-time!

For those tenants who are late with their payment, we try to solve the problem in a friendly, yet timely manner. We attempt to contact the tenant either by phone, or through a personal visit to the property if necessary. We also keep you, the owner, informed and aware of our progress in collecting late rents. Communication with all parties is our goal. This communication allows us to be more successful in the area of collections.

In the unlikely event that a tenant removal is necessary, Carnahan Property Management will handle the process for you, from start to finish.

Advertising & Marketing

Carnahan Property Management takes pride in advertising each property that we lease and/or manage. We promote your property through multiple channels in order to reach the widest pool of potential tenants. The Multiple Listing Service, Westside Rentals, Zillow, and Redfin are just a few of the places where your listing may be seen. Photographs of your property will be taken and posted along with a written narrative emphasizing the most positive aspects of your property. Your property will also be displayed on our website. We provide a FOR RENT sign in front of the house or building or a sign in the window to reach foot traffic or those who are driving by.

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