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Gary H.

Kinsley Carnahan deserves the title of “Doctor”. As a family doctor for more than 33 years, I can say without hesitation she has “Bedside Manner”. She is empathetic, sensitive and communicates regularly and well. Carnahan Property Management has many services, including preparing and managing properties for rentals, but as I understand, these did not heretofore include helping an elderly woman return home. However, when… READ MORE “Gary H.”

Linda B.

Carnahan Property Management really came through for me when I needed a property manager the most. Kinsley is so professional, calm, and thinks ahead to successfully manage current and potential property issues. Carnahan and Associates have been managing my property for over a year. From dealing with unexpected repairs, concerns from renters, and questions from me, Kinsley has been fantastic, every step of the… READ MORE “Linda B.”

Sue C.

I love this company and Kinsley!  I spoke to several different companies to manage my property but none of them felt right.  As soon as I spoke to Kinsley I knew I found the right company to take great care of my house.  Carnahan Property Management has gone over and above when working with me.  I’m so happy I hired them.  They are great communicators and always… READ MORE “Sue C.”

Steve H.

If there were 10 stars, I would give them. I have never dealt with a more responsible vendor in my life. What Kinsley says she will do, she does. And, then she does more. We put Kinsley in a difficult spot. Our 98 year old mother fell and had to go to a rehab facility. We needed to clean and upgrade her home on the off chance that… READ MORE “Steve H.”


Upon hiring Carnahan Property Management they immediately provided an analysis of the market rents and found that the rents we were receiving for our units were way under market. Now our new vacancies have been rented at market rates, thereby increasing our cash flow as well as the value of our… READ MORE “Elaine”


I inherited a home that I decided to rent. I knew that I wanted professional management and interviewed Carnahan Property Management, as well as others. I chose Carnahan because of the way they answered my questions and made the process simple. I felt totally at ease with their professionalism and have been in good hands ever… READ MORE “Rollin”

Walt & Carroll

Our experience with Carnahan & Associates Property Management has been nothing but positive. They made the numbers work and the entire management process stress-free. It feels great to know that our real estate investments are in such good… READ MORE “Walt & Carroll”

Mallory K.

Carnahan Property Management is reliable, responsive, understanding and trustworthy.  Their communication is prompt. Our point of contact is friendly and helpful. We have had a great experience renting with… READ MORE “Mallory K.”

Czarina T.

Kinsley and the rest of the Carnahan Property Management was nothing but amazing! She worked with me and kept me informed with the remodeling of my house. Kinsley knew I needed to rent out my property ASAP and she didn’t fail me. 2 days in listing and my house was rented!!!!! Thank you Kinsley and the rest of your team for your hard work. I appreciate all that you do… READ MORE “Czarina T.”

Celina T.

I contacted Carnahan Property Management to assist me with my rental property. I needed to know how much updating I needed to do to bring the rent to market value. I was referred to Kinsley and from our first phone conversation, I was sold on this company. I ended up remodeling both bathrooms, kitchen and installed new flooring throughout the house. Kinsley was not… READ MORE “Celina T.”

Ryan H.

Kinsley is super professional and was able to provide amazing service under a tight time crunch for a family that needed a lease. I’ve been a REALTOR® since 2004 and Carnahan Property Management is a great resource and… READ MORE “Ryan H.”

Devin R.

Carnahan Property Management made it a breeze for us to find a new lease – even during a global pandemic. We described our ideal property to Kinsley, and within the day, we were sent 20+ properties matching our description, within our price range, and with our “bonus” features. After touring our favorites, our new lease was signed within the week. Kinsley advocated for our wants and needs… READ MORE “Devin R.”

J. D.

We have had rental properties for a few years and managed them successfully until May 2020 when in one of homes, the renters skipped paying rent and without notification, moved out and left the house in disrepair! Since we live out of state, we realized we need help. We contacted Carnahan Property Management and met Kinsley Carnahan. We decided having a property manager was… READ MORE “J. D.”

Pam W.

I have been working with Carnahan Property Management for several years. They are professional and knowledgeable about the rental business. What I really appreciate is they are not a cookie-cutter operation. Each client is treated as an individual. They really work to meet my needs. The tenants they have located for me have been great. They address emergencies in a timely… READ MORE “Pam W.”

Gil S.

Kinsley and Jonathan have been great.  After my father passed 12 years ago, I rented my childhood home to our backyard neighbor’s sister who have been model tenants with no issues.  I am handy and managed things myself or called on trusted plumbers, electricians, handyman, so I have not needed a management company.  Last year, the shower pan began to leak, and I decided to… READ MORE “Gil S.”

Terry S.

Kinsley and her crew have been managing my Woodland Hills property since 2006 and we couldn’t be happier.  In the 13 years of managing the property we have had 3 renters but only 1 month without occupancy.  Carnahan is a marketing machine, getting multiple offers for rent but really shines when it comes to service.  They deal directly with tenants, problem solving when necessary… READ MORE “Terry S.”


With Carnahan Property Management experience of managing apartment buildings and the use of their knowledgeable vendors, my monthly operating expenses have been greatly… READ MORE “Lian”

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