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J. D.

We have had rental properties for a few years and managed them successfully until May 2020 when in one of homes, the renters skipped paying rent and without notification, moved out and left the house in disrepair! Since we live out of state, we realized we need help. We contacted Carnahan Property Management and met Kinsley Carnahan. We decided having a property manager was in our best interest. We realized we needed “boots-on-the-ground” to get the property back to it’s previously loved condition and get a new tenant vetted and under contract. Kinsley understood that we were out May’s rent and soon June. She got to work immediately and we overnighted keys to the house. She changed the locks and quickly assessed the damages, and walked us through the house using video and pictures. She came up with a plan and options. She supervised the clean-up and repair. We are pleased with the drywall and floor repairs, painting, and new carpet and garage door repair. The yard and patio was also cleaned up.

Kinsley showed the house to 40 potential renters and kept us in the loop as the field narrowed to an applicant who was looking for a long-term rental. We couldn’t have done all of this so quickly without a property manager in our corner. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Carnahan Property Management and Kinsley Carnahan.

Posted by World Office on October 6, 2023


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