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Steve H.

If there were 10 stars, I would give them. I have never dealt with a more responsible vendor in my life.

What Kinsley says she will do, she does. And, then she does more.

We put Kinsley in a difficult spot. Our 98 year old mother fell and had to go to a rehab facility. We needed to clean and upgrade her home on the off chance that Mom would be able to return. The home was a mess — from neglect and from Mom’s eclectic life style (a nice way of saying she was a hoarder). My brother and I live in Northern California. We flew down to LA and met with Kinsley. She was on time. We were impressed, immediately. She was both professional and compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding. She understood our concerns. There was a lot to do — much of it when we would not be there to supervise it. Kinsley made clear that she has been using the same people for years and that she could ensure that the work would be done safely and securely.  It was clear we could trust her, and we did. That weekend, my brother and I took two dumpsters of stuff out of the house. We left, planning to come back to finish up, and to be on scene to help Kinsley do her tasks. And, then the pandemic hit. Because both of us were in a vulnerable class, we could not fly back. Kinsley stepped up.

Kinsley took over from there. She initiated and supervised major repairs to the house — brought in skilled vendors and kept us in the loop on all of the projects. She selected new flooring and paint schemes — all consistent with the architectural design of the house — and had each repair done by skilled craftsmen, people she had worked with for years.
The projects were both big and small — all received her full attention and skill.
A couple of days ago, Mom came home to what appeared to be a new home — thoroughly cleaned and made safe.
I feel like Kinsley is family — because her dedication to getting my Mom home to a healthy and safe environment matched ours.
I cannot recommend her enough. She is a truly good person doing a great job.

Posted by World Office on October 6, 2023


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