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Gary H.

Kinsley Carnahan deserves the title of “Doctor”. As a family doctor for more than 33 years, I can say without hesitation she has “Bedside Manner”. She is empathetic, sensitive and communicates regularly and well. Carnahan Property Management has many services, including preparing and managing properties for rentals, but as I understand, these did not heretofore include helping an elderly woman return home. However, when I called Kinsley, she did not hesitate to go “out of the box” to make it possible for our mother to leave the Skilled Nursing Facility and return to her house of 64 years, a day before her 98th birthday. To me, the job of making my mom’s home livable, a home that my dad built in Encino in the 1950s, seemed ¬†insurmountable. Kinsley quickly developed her plan, including trusted electricians, flooring contractors, junkman, painters, plumbers, window and house cleaners as well as others to transform an uninhabitable house to one of style and taste. Those who have seen it call it “New”. Friends with whom I share before and after pictures say the same. And, she did all this in little more than two weeks during the covid-19 crisis, while my brother and I could not travel from our Northern California homes to help. We are grateful to have met and worked with Kinsley and consider her our friend. If you are lucky enough to work with Kinsley Carnahan, I guarantee you will have a successful “Operation”.

Posted by World Office on October 6, 2023


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