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Gil S.

Kinsley and Jonathan have been great.  After my father passed 12 years ago, I rented my childhood home to our backyard neighbor’s sister who have been model tenants with no issues.  I am handy and managed things myself or called on trusted plumbers, electricians, handyman, so I have not needed a management company.  Last year, the shower pan began to leak, and I decided to redo the master bathroom, upgrade the floors and paint inside and out.  I had a construction company and painter lined up and a bid approved, but the contractor kept delaying it.  Out of frustration I started looking at management companies.  Kinsley’s grandfather handled the original sale of the house, so I had trust in the Carnahan name and appreciated that it was still a family run company.

We toured the house and Kinsley took over.  Within a week she had the master bathroom bid out at a lower price than I had gotten and scheduled.  The floor people she recommended were great and economical.  She has great taste and narrow down the choices for floor colors and paint.  She supervised the whole project and coordinated all the contractors.  The house looks like new.  My tenants were very happy with the work and the scheduling.

Kinsley suggested a 30% rent increase after the renovations. She handled to conversation when we went out to look at the upgrade and my tenants agreed to it readily without protest.  She has been immediately available by text or email.  Although I could manage the property myself, Carnahan Property Management got everything done saving me a lot of time and effort.  I would highly recommend their services.

Posted by World Office on October 6, 2023


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