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Terry S.

Kinsley and her crew have been managing my Woodland Hills property since 2006 and we couldn’t be happier.  In the 13 years of managing the property we have had 3 renters but only 1 month without occupancy.  Carnahan is a marketing machine, getting multiple offers for rent but really shines when it comes to service.  They deal directly with tenants, problem solving when necessary and don’t bother me with the day to day bumps that are inevitable.  When they do need to call on issues that need repair, they ALWAYS present me with the issue along with research and multiple recommendations and quotes for repair.  Living across the country in Florida and traveling a ton, they are always patient but diligent in their follow up with me all while keep our tenant notified and at ease if things do not happen immediately.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kinsley and the entire group for property management and wish I had more for them to manage.

Posted by World Office on October 6, 2023


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