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Property Management – West Hills – Role of a Property Manager

The Role of a Property Manager Career Tracks The Role of a Property Manager A property manager is an individual who has many different duties and responsibilities as part of their job. These individuals must be able to multitask efficiently and juggle all responsibilities which come their way in order to complete their daily duties as effectively as… Read More →

Property Management – Woodland Hills – Credit Reports

Are landlords or property managers allowed to pull a prospective tenant’s credit report? Yes, you are allowed to obtain a credit report on a prospective tenant. If you turn down an applicant because of negative information on a credit report, you must send the applicant an “adverse action” letter, which informs the applicant of three… Read More →

Property Management – Encino – 6 Ways A Property Manager Helps Property Owners Save Money

 ENCINO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 6 Ways A Property Manager Helps Property Owners Save Money Busy real estate investors already have enough on their plates without having to worry over the best way to handle their investments. Using the services of a property manager is an excellent solution to this situation. That way, they can maximize the… Read More →

Property Management – Calabasas – Setting and Collecting Rent

Setting and Collecting Rent Rental income is the lifeblood of the landlord’s business. If the mechanisms are not put in place to bring in the right amount at the right time each month, the business will eventually wither and die. When properly performed, this is what allows top real estate investors to achieve a higher… Read More →

Northridge – Property Management -Owner’s Duties

 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT NORTHRIDGE   Property Management and Owners Duties Regarding Repairs, Maintenance, and to Provide Notice to Tenants for Entry  Among the many duties of a landlord/property manager is to repair rental property and keep it in habitable condition. Also, whenever a landlord/property manager has to enter a rental property, they must provide notice to tenants… Read More →