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Property Management – Calabasas

 Smart Property Management Strategies Multifamily property owners can implement these ideas to cut costs and improve returns.   You’re pretty sure you’ve priced the asset correctly. You’ve looked at comparable apartment communities for sale in the market. You’ve figured the sales price in dollars per unit and dollars per square foot and both seem to… Read More →

Property Management – Van Nuys

 VAN NUYS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Things To Look For In A Property Manager For Multiple Homes Having one rental property is enough for many landlords what with all the things that they have to be responsible for and be on top of. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in several rental properties, you have… Read More →

Property Management – Chatsworth

CHATSWORTH PROPERTY MANAGEMENT    5 Vital Questions To Determine Whether You Need Property Management Help Managing a rental property is no walk in the park. Many landlords would tell you that sometimes, the things that you need to take care of would make you think that you should not have invested in a rental property… Read More →

Property Management – Northridge

 NORTHRIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Let Your Property Management Company Take Care of Everything Certainly, rental property is one of the most profitable investments these days. However, not all property owners or landlords are able to achieve success and high profit from this business. Being successful in this kind of business venture takes a lot of… Read More →

Property Management – West Hills

Tips for Handling Tenant Complaints and Handling Tenant Complaints Owning rental properties invariably means that you are going to be dealing with complaints. Even if you have the nicest tenants on earth and you make a point of maintaining your properties on a regular basis, there will be complaints. The scope of tenant complaints can range… Read More →