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Property Management – West Hills – Tenant Screening Can Save You Money

WEST HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Tenant Screening Can Save You Money Why is tenant screening such an important tool for anyone who deals in rental property? Tenant screening can save you a lot of money, and heartache as well. A reputable background check company can screen your tenants for you, and the results can help you to… Read More →

Property Management – Encino – Give your Rental Curb Appeal

ENCINO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Five Easy Ways to Give Your Rentals More Curb Appeal If your rental properties make a great first impression then potential residents will want to see what’s on the inside. This article will focus on rental properties with five units or less, and is especially applicable for single family homes. 1. Beautify… Read More →

Property Management – Canoga Park – Renting: The New “Great American Dream”

 CANOGA PARK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Renting: The New “Great American Dream” The old dream for Americans was to save enough money for a down payment on a home that you could own or partly own by qualifying for a mortgage you could pay off over time. My, how times have changed. Many people I speak… Read More →

Property Management – Calabasas – Selecting a Property Management Company

 CALABASAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Selecting a Property Management Company If you’ve spent any time in a resort community, you’ve probably encountered a good number of vacation rentals. These can vary, from cabins to condos and perhaps even a seaside bungalow. These are properties frequently owned by absent investors and rented out to guests on a nightly,… Read More →

Property Management – Granada Hills – What is a Property Manager?

 GRANADA HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT What is a Property Manager? As a property manager, there are many positives and negatives with this job. As with any job you make it what you want. There are days that are longer and more difficult then others.There are many regulations you need to know and must be a relator.… Read More →