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Property Management – Encino Fees Charged by some companies

 Understanding Property Management Fees Los Angeles and Orange County property management companies are numerous and the services they offer are varied.  Perhaps even more varied than their services, are their fees.  For a homeowner who has never contracted a property management company to manage their rental in the past, determining the “real” cost of property… Read More →

Property Management – Sherman Oaks – The Basics

Understanding the Basics Of Property Management Many “buy and hold” real estate investors decide early on that managing their own rental properties simply isn’t worth the time and effort. This is especially true for investors that own properties outside of their geographic area. While there are pros and cons to managing your own properties, ultimately… Read More →

Property Management – Winnetka – Self Management

The challenges of self-managing your investment property   Over recent years there has been a growing trend in investors opting to self-manage their investment properties. There are said to be around 1.7 million property investors in Australia and of these, one in three self-manage their property. The obvious advantage to do-it yourself property management is… Read More →

Property Management – Hidden Hills – Fees

Questions About Services Provided and Fees Charged: What types of fees do you charge?- Most companies will charge a management fee. Ask how much their fee is. It will typically be between 4 and 10% of the gross monthly income. Make sure the fee is based on rent collected rather than rent due. This will… Read More →

Property Management – Calabasas – Commercial

Responsibilities of Commercial Property Manager Evolving Once upon a time a property manager’s responsibilities consisted chiefly of collecting rent, managing the property and negotiating lease contracts. Now it’s becoming apparent that property managers have much more on their plates, from acting as asset managers to providing research and valuation to leaseholders and lenders who are… Read More →