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Property Management – Woodland Hills

 Are Property Management Companies Worth The Cost? After conducting hours of extensive research and weighing out the options, you’ve just purchased your first rental property. You’ve considered all the real estate tips out there, and you’re ready to start making money in the crazy world of real estate. There’s just one problem: you don’t want… Read More →

Property Management – Winnetka – Creative Tenants

 Check’s in the Mail? Tenants Get More Creative Property managers have heard it all–and then some–when their business lessees are late with the rent. When it comes to dreaming up excuses for not paying the rent, tenants in even the most mundane businesses can display a remarkable talent for creativity. There was the office tenant,… Read More →

Property Management – West Hills – Stories

5 Funny Property Manager Stories 1. Amanda – Property Manager So, I have an apartment complex with two levels – an upstairs and a downstairs. I had a tenant in the downstairs apartment call me in the middle of the night. They were insistent that the upstairs neighbors were spying on them through the floor. Keep… Read More →

Property Management – Van Nuys – Reports

  The Perfect Management Report   The following should appear in every good management report:   A. Financial Section 1. Financial Summary of the Monthly Cash Flow 2. Statement of Cash Flow 3. Statement of Expenses 4. Bank Reconciliation Reports 5. Expense Distribution Report   B. Legal Section 1. Statement of All Open Accounts 2.… Read More →

Property Management – Tarzana –

 Managing Your Manager What if you could ask your property manager 3 questions and the results would tell you how well your management team is treating your property, and your wallet? Don’t have a manager?  Of course you do.  It’s you!  So give yourself an honest grade with each question.  If you need to shore… Read More →