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Property Management – Chatsworth

Why Use a Property Manager to Manage Your Rental Property? If you have just purchased a stellar investment property and have decided to rent it out, you’ll need to think about how you are going to go about this process. One of the primary decisions to make is whether or not to use a real estate… Read More →

Property Management – Encino

What Is Property Management? That Depends! Southampton – The property management courses that I teach at New York University in Manhattan are designed for real estate professionals and students who are involved in or interested in learning about the management of multi-family housing, including rentals, condominiums, co-operatives, rent regulated, government assisted, and staff housing owned… Read More →

Property Management – Granada Hills –

Secrets of Success – How to Be a Good Property Manager  by Richard M. Hartian In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s almost impossible to have too many skills in your personal portfolio. One trend we’re seeing is that people who can’t sell their homes are turning them into rentals. And investors are taking advantage… Read More →

Property Management – Northridge – Choosing

 6 Secrets for Choosing a Great Property Manager   1. Customer Service [. . .] you need a property management that is prompt, courteous, and eager to help prospective tenants through the rental process.   Expect to use a property manager who returns your calls and emails in a timely manner. There is no reason… Read More →

Property Management – Lake Balboa – Managers

How Hard is it to Manage Rental Properties Without a Property Manager? Rental properties are a great investment, but they take work to manage, especially if you do not use a property manager.  I own 11 rental properties and I managed my rentals myself up until the start of 2014.  My rental properties are all… Read More →