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Property Management – Sherman Oaks – Buying Rental Property

Should you buy rental property near your home? I didn’t set out to own real estate in two states, but life takes funny turns. I bought a condominium in central New Jersey when I was single. When I got married five years later, we moved to Minneapolis, but I kept the New Jersey place as… Read More →

Property Management – Studio City – Finding Renters

10 Ways to Find a Good Renter If you own a house that you can’t sell and are thinking of renting it out, finding good tenants who will take care of your home is challenging — but essential. “Taking a businesslike approach is a must to save you money and aggravation,” says Scott Halliwell, a… Read More →

Property Management – Tarzana – Tenants Rights

Your Rights as a Tenant If your application to rent an apartment is rejected, you have a right to know why. It is illegal for a landlord to refuse your rental application for discriminatory reasons. This article focuses on the general rights of tenants, as governed by state and federal law. Federal Anti-Discrimination Law Federal… Read More →

Property Management – Van Nuys – Good Tenants

5 Tips to Help You Find Good Tenants Since owning rental property for the past 23 years is what allowed me to retire at the age of 45, I can offer some tips on how to rent to decent people who will pay their rent on time and won’t trash your house or apartment. Before… Read More →

Property Management – West Hills – Bad Tenants

How to Avoid Bad Tenants Evicting a tenant is a costly and time consuming process that most landlords would rather avoid.  That’s why it is important to screen your prospective tenants carefully before handing over the keys. Often, properties where the owner acts as landlord are targeted by bad tenants since their financial history is… Read More →