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Property Management – Van Nuys – Value

The Property Manager’s Role in Maximizing the Value of a Facility Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about property acquisition and property value, as well as timely answers to them.The property manager is appointed by the owner to oversee the operation of a building. His or her traditional role is to create… Read More →

Property Management – West Hills – Duties

The property manager’s core duties 4.1    The property manager has two core duties:a) the collection of rent, service charge and other sums, owing by the occupiers to the landlord, from the occupiers; and b) the management of the property. Collection of monies 4.2 A key role is the collection and management of sums owing by… Read More →

Property Management – Winnetka – Prospects

5 Keys To Capturing The Best Gen Y Prospects What you already know. Millions of renters under the age of 35 simply don’t see home-ownership on their horizon. It’s not their goal to own a home. Sounds great for owners of apartments, right? Here’s what you might not know: They’re sophisticated, have a value system… Read More →

Property Manager – Woodland Hills – Tenant Security Deposit

Landlord must provide accounting of ex-tenant’s security deposit A vacating tenant should receive a security deposit accounting, including invoices for any work charged against the deposit if more than $125 was deducted. By Martin Eichner Question: We recently moved out of a house that we were renting. Our lease stated that the tenant was required… Read More →

Property Manager – West Hills – Rent Deposit

BUSINESS Landlord has 21 days to return security deposit  By Martin Eichner Question: My wife and I moved out of a house that we were renting. We gave the owner a proper 30-day written notice. It has now been more than 30 days since we vacated and turned over the keys to the owner. We… Read More →