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Property Manager – Woodland Hills

What Happens When a Landlord Checks Your Credit You’ve found the perfect place to rent and now — gulp! — the property manager tells you all you need to do is fill out an application so she can run a credit check. Whether you’ve got great credit, bad credit, or no credit, it probably makes you a… Read More →

Property Manager – Bell Canyon

Experian Tenant Credit Check Service Experian® is a trusted provider of rental credit check solutions. Leverage our tenant background credit check data on more than 220 million U.S. consumers to help you determine the risk in your lease agreements. How to run a credit check on a tenant Experian Credit Report and Score for Tenants… Read More →

Property Manager – Calabasas

TENANT SCREENING BY A PROPERTY MANAGER By Joe Stokley   Property owners often ask us how they should screen their potential tenants. It’s an important question, so we thought we’d address it on our blog today. Tenant screening must be taken seriously because you want a responsible, qualified tenant in your home who will pay… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park

What does a Property Manager do?   Property managers typically do the following: Meet with, and show properties to, prospective renters Discuss the lease and explain the terms of occupancy Collect monthly fees from tenants Inspect all building facilities, including the grounds and equipment Arrange for new equipment or repairs as needed to keep up… Read More →

Property Manager – Chatsworth

Reasons To Hire a Good Property Manager Property management protects your investment Chances are you are looking to maximize the profit from your investments as well as maintain and increase the value of your properties. Here are some reasons why you should hire a property manager: 1. You’ll Make More Money With a Property Manager Many… Read More →