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Property Manager – Sherman Oaks

Good Property Management Makes a Difference  by Chris Property management is not generally considered the more glamorous part of the real estate industry, but as many investors know, it’s often the most critical. Many see property management as a simple function of collecting rents, paying bills and fixing toilets. This characteristic of the property management… Read More →

Property Manager – Studio City

Holdover Tenancy: What is a Holdover Tenant? Landlords have many things to think of; they have to deal with legal issues, privacy issues, and so much more. Above all, they sometimes need to deal with a problem tenant. The interesting thing is that most tenants don’t want to create any problems but their difficult circumstances… Read More →

Property Manager – Tarzana

How tenant screening credit inquiries affect your credit scores Posted by Gregory Lester  Your credit score and credit report data can be a determining factor when renting a home or apartment from a landlord. Landlords and rental management companies make credit inquires to determine your likelihood of rent delinquency which in turn help them decide… Read More →

Property Manager – Van Nuys

What does a Property Manager do? In general, a property manager takes over all aspects having to do with renter contact. This includes marketing your property, renting it out, collecting rent, tending to maintenance and repair matters, taking tenant complaints, and handling evictions. An experienced manager can relieve you of a great deal of responsibility when… Read More →

Property Manager – West Hills

How Property Managers Keep Tenants Happy When it comes to property management, one key factor in being successful is keeping tenants happy. We came across this Q&A article featuring Silvia Englert, General Manager for Tenant Screening that gives some great answers to the question of how to keep tenants happy: Q: What can property… Read More →