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Property Manager – Winnetka

Property Management Skills by Neil Kokemuller Property managers oversee the operation and maintenance of rental buildings, real estate developments and commercial properties such as retail centers. Residential property managers sometimes live in on-site apartments, but many work out of offices on or near the property. Property maintenance and functional and aesthetic development are common duties.… Read More →

Property Manager – Woodland Hills

Different Types of Residential Property Management Typically, a residential property may consist of multi-unit rental properties, single family homes, or large apartment complexes with multiple housing units. Large apartment buildings can house several tenants and most rental real estate investors opt to invest in such types. Some apartments offer tenants basic amenities like swimming pool,… Read More →

Property Manager – Bell Canyon

Security Deposit Tips for Landlords and Property Managers   There are some things that property managers can do in order to avoid any complications when it comes to security deposit. Here are some simple tips that can help you avoid any complications when it comes to security deposit.   1. Know your state laws  … Read More →

Property Manager – Calabasas

What is a Consumer Report? A consumer report contains information about a person’s credit characteristics, character, general reputation, and lifestyle. A report also may include information about someone’s rental history, such as information from previous landlords or from public records like housing court or eviction files. To be covered by the FCRA, a report must… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park

Fair Credit Reporting Act The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) addresses the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. There are many types of consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus and specialty agencies that sell information about check writing histories, medical records, rental history records, etc. Here is… Read More →