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Property Management – Granada Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

How to Handle Renter Complaints  by Mary Girsch-Bock in As a property manager, one of the most rewarding and the most difficult parts of your job is to keep renters happy. While the majority of your tenants may never voice a single complaint, when a renter does complain it’s important to handle that complaint in a professional… Read More →

Property Management – Hidden Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Tips for picking a property manager By Mike Park While it’s possible to manage your own properties, the time and effort involved in just screening potential tenants can be substantial. Add in all the other fundamentals of managing a property, and it can be daunting.Rental properties offer an excellent addition to an investment portfolio. But the… Read More →

Property Management – Lake Balboa – Residential and Commercial

Licensing California requires property managers to have or work under someone who holds a real estate broker’s license. The only exception to this law is for property owners who manage their own buildings. The state Department of Real Estate (DRE) requires broker-applicants to document experience and/or educational training in the field and to pass a… Read More →

Property Management – North Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

How to Hire the Best Property Manager One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hire a property manager that isn’t very good, can’t perform the duties and ends up losing you money. To avoid the costly error of hiring a bad property manager, read up on these mistakes landlords make when hiring a property… Read More →

Property Management – Reseda – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Property Management: The Importance of Tenant Relations By  CATHY JOHNSON In Part II of our Property Management series, Maintaining Properties to the Highest Standards, we illustrated how building trusting relationships with our tenants enables the Property Managers to effectively manage our properties by having another set of “eyes and ears” at the centers and to gain… Read More →