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Property Management – Studio City – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

What Happens When Your Tenant Decides to Remodel? The best tenants are those who treat your rental like it’s their own home. They keep the unit clean, handle minor issues like replacing light bulbs without bothering you, and maybe even apply some fresh paint or plant a flower garden. Then, there are tenants who come… Read More →

Property Management – Tarzana – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Reasons to Use a Property Management Company By Renters Warehouse   Property management can be a tricky business. While you may be someone who understands Rent Estate™ (meaning that you own and rent one or more properties), handling all the functions required to rent your property out effectively requires the expertise and know-how of an… Read More →

Property Management – Van Nuys – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Picking a Property Manager Be Sure to Evaluate Experience, Specialties, and Services When Selecting a Management Company. By Joseph W. DeCarlo, CCIM, CPM, CRE More than 25,000 property management companies do business in the United States, ranging from single-person operations to national companies employing thousands of people. Even when property owners narrow down their options… Read More →

Property Management – West Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

How Property Management Firms Are Making Affordable Housing Desirable By Abraham Avotina According to the Economic Times, “affordable housing” refers to housing options within the budget of those whose income is below the median household income of a particular area. While some may assume that affordable housing automatically means giving up certain amenities that are… Read More →

Property Management – Winnetka – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Rental house owners can profit from a professional manager Professional property managers offer their full time and attention, along with marketing, screening, housekeeping, record-keeping, periodic inspections and more. By Lew Sichelman It’s one thing to manage a rental house when it’s nearby. But it’s another process entirely when the rental is in a distant vacation… Read More →