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Property Management – Calabasas – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Property Manager Job Description Managing and maintaining a property, whether residential, industrial or commercial, can become very difficult if the owner resides elsewhere or is simply not interested. This is where a property manager comes into picture. A property manager is in-charge of the overall management of the property that is assigned to him/her. The… Read More →

Property Management – Canoga Park – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Why Owners Use Property Managers Managing properties is a time and energy consuming task. Apart from fixing the problems which can arise in the property owners also have to keep them in good condition so that they are habitable. Keeping properties in good condition means maintenance which in itself is a huge task. That’s why owners… Read More →

Property Management – Chatsworth – Online and In Home – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

What is Residential Property Management? Many homeowners who have never rented their properties wonder what a Residential Property Management company does?  Typically, the first statement I hear when talking to a future landlord is: “What do you do besides collecting Rent?” So I ask, “What do you do when you get a 2:00 A.M. maintenance… Read More →

Property Management – Encino – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Do You Need A Property Manager   If you have a lot of properties and wish to have a life away from your property investment businesses, a letting agent is a great idea. They can handle a lot of your time consuming tasks associated with handling your own properties as a letting agent is your… Read More →

Property Management – Granada Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Gaining Efficiency in Real Estate Property Management Nancy Pierce In an increasingly competitive rental market, understanding and using tenant demographics and preferences to strategically select payment channel offerings enables real estate property managers to improve their tenant experience as well as save money and enhance accounts receivable management. This article reports on how different age… Read More →