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Property Manager – North Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Ways A Professional Property Manager Can Help Make More Money And Save More Money  BY BRAD GREGORY   In this article, I will show you how property management can save the owner more than just the cost of the management fee. Let’s say we have a property that rents for $1500/month. As a Seattle Property… Read More →

Property Manager – Northridge – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Things to Consider before Hiring a Manager:   How many properties or rental units you own? Most newbie landlords can handle 1 or 2 units on their own.  However, when you start to deal with 5-10+ properties and dozens of tenants, you should consider turning some of them over to a professional – especially if… Read More →

Property Manager – Reseda – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Property Maintenance  This article provides an introduction into the basics of exterior property maintenance, the implications on premises safety, and some information on relevant standards to get your investigation started. PREMISES SAFETY THROUGH EXTERIOR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE A properly designed and effectively run maintenance program can reduce the likelihood of premises injuries, including slip, trip, and… Read More →

Property Manager – San Fernando Valley – Residential and Commercial Property Management

This is the Future of Green Building Management           By Chris Thorman For years, both commercial and residential property managers have adhered to a fixed set of job responsibilities – collecting rent, coordinating maintenance requests, renewing leases and attracting new residents. Property management systems have helped them complete many of those… Read More →

Property Management – Sherman Oaks – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Tips on Choosing a Property Manager There are many rental management companies available, but not all property management companies are created equal. Finding a good property management company is critical. The right management company can make your life as a property owner bliss – the wrong one, a nightmare. This isn’t an area that you… Read More →