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Property Manager – Calabasas – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Amateur Landlord: The Benefits and Costs of a Property Management Company by Bryce Baschuk property management company can take a lot of the hassle out of renting out an apartment. In this week’s Amateur Landlord, we looked into what a management company actually does and how much it costs to outsource landlord responsibilities.   “The issue… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Common Maintenance Issues and How to Avoid Getting Calls About Them    Once you’ve placed a responsible tenant in your rental, your major responsibilities as a landlord, outside of collecting rent, will likely revolve around keeping the property in good repair. Assuming you’d like your rental income to remain as passive a revenue stream as… Read More →

Property Manager – Chatsworth – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Property Management   Once you have found the investment property that you intend to purchase, there are many things that should be considered for every property investor. When thinking of appointing a property manager to manage your property, many property investors initially think that the fee is the first and main thing to take into… Read More →

Property Manager – Encino – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Reasons To Hire A Property Manager     So you decided to diversify your investment portfolio by purchasing a two bedroom apartment. But truth be told, your day job takes up much of your time, leaving you too drained to keep up with city ordinances, or to hunt down tenants on the first of the month… Read More →

Property Manager – Granada Hills – Residential and Commercial Property Management

Tenant screening could cost you rentals by Claes Bell    Read the article and the comments below by Marv Steier The process of finding the perfect rental house or apartment can range from hectic to nearly impossible. But it could be worse: Picture yourself locating that long sought-after apartment or town house only to be… Read More →