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Property Management – Van Nuys – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

 Accounting best practices for property managers with multiple owners In today’s diverse business world, it is not unusual for real estate to have multiple owners that have partnered together to purchase one property. The owners may be friends, family or just business partners. Each owner wants an accounting of the monthly checks and bills that… Read More →

Property Management – Tarzana – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Questions to Ask a Property Manager Recently, the folks at Active Renter put together an in-depth guide to interviewing a property manager before you hire them. While I think 74 questions is a bit much (okay, way too much), the premise is solid. With their permission, I’ve picked my top 20 questions to ask a… Read More →

Property Management – Studio City – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

How to Find a Property Manager       By: Josephti Cruz   These days, investors are flooding buyer’s markets throughout the country, honing in on properties in cities with healthy economies. If you purchase a rental home in a different state, you may find it quite difficult to adequately manage it yourself. That’s why you’ll… Read More →

Property Management – Sherman Oaks – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Tips for picking a property manager BY Mike Park While it’s possible to manage your own properties, the time and effort involved in just screening potential tenants can be substantial. Add in all the other fundamentals of managing a property, and it can be daunting.Rental properties offer an excellent addition to an investment portfolio. But… Read More →

Property Management – San Fernando Valley – Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Is A Property Management Company Necessary? Many homeowners choose to self-manage their investment properties, but an increasing number are choosing to have their rentals managed through a property management company instead. Most of the homeowners we work with at On Q Property Management take a very active interest in their rental property but do not want to deal with… Read More →