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Property Manager – Studio City

Tips for Hiring the Best Property Manager    1.  The first thing I always want to know is how many properties (units is a better measure) are they managing.  This is followed up with how many employees are managing these units.  Here is what I have found based on our experience building our property management capability internally and… Read More →

Property Manager – Sherman Oaks

How to Find the Right Property Manager   By: Josephti Cruz   These days, investors are flooding buyer’s markets throughout the country, honing in on properties in cities with healthy economies. If you purchase a rental home in a different state, you may find it quite difficult to adequately manage it yourself. That’s why you’ll… Read More →

Property Management – San Fernando Valley

Property Management Maintenance   Any property requires good management and regular maintenance to keep it in good shape for a long time. A landlord who overlooks minor maintenance issues runs the risk of not only losing the value of the property, but also having to deal with expensive repair costs when the problems blow up… Read More →

Property Management – Reseda

What is Property Management Property management is a manager’s oversight of a property, on behalf of the property’s owner. The owner pays the property manager to handle day-to-day management tasks. Property managers are commonly used to manage a variety of real properties, such as apartments, homes, and commercial buildings. Laws governing property management vary by… Read More →

Property Management – Hidden Hills

Reasons You Want to Use a Professional Property Manager By Chanda Gunter     Whether you intentionally purchased an investment property or you became an “accidental landlord”, be prepared to wear many different hats. Being a landlord isn’t for everyone, but the vast majority of home owners are “do-it-yourself” landlords, meaning they take on all… Read More →