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There’s no doubt that at times, managing rental properties can be quite a daunting task. Even a large property management company, such as the one we operate at Carnahan Property Management tends to refer outside contractors from time to time in order to make sure that your rental properties are taken care of in the manner in which they deserve. This is not only true of single West Hills rentals that we may handle, it is also true in some of the best senior living communities in the North County area.

Although we are able to work with many of the situations directly, there are times whenever repairs need to be done or routine maintenance needs handled that is outside of our abilities to handle directly. It is not necessary for you to involve yourself in these matters whenever you have us taking care of your rental properties for you. Our rental property management referral is able to get qualified help in order to take care of these things. Because we work directly with contractors on a regular basis, we have set up a good rapport and have the ability to take care of them much faster than what many people are able to do directly.

Many of the over25 communities in the San Fernando Valley area that offer some of the best Senior living that is available anywhere take care of some of the routine maintenance directly through their community Association. There are many things, however, that fall outside of the scope of what the association is responsible for handling. Although you would certainly hope that these things are not taking place on a regular basis, they are something that you need to be prepared for. By using Carnahan Property Management as your rental property management referral, you will know that the things that are necessary to be done will be done promptly.

We have always prided ourselves on the fact that we are able to give our clients the things that they need and to work ethically towards handling any situation that may occur. By handling everything from a leasing the property to before and after property inspections as well as referring work to outside contractors when necessary, we provide an overall service that is both convenient and complete for those that own rental properties.

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