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Property Management-Winnetka

WINNETKA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CANOGA PARK  Property Management CHATSWORTH  Property Management GRANADA HILLS  Property Management TARZANA  Property Management   What is meant by Class B office space? Are there other classes? Office space is usually divided into three classes – A, B, and C. The class rankings are just what one would expect. That is, higher quality at the… Read More →

Property Management-Chatsworth

CHATSWORTH PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CANOGA PARK, TARZANA, GRANADA HILLS WINNETKA    Avoiding Discrimination Complaints   Just as when advertising your apartment or discussing it over the phone, you must avoid overt and implied discrimination when showing the apartment. Never mention sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disabilities, age, or sexual orientation. And don’t ask about the… Read More →

property Management-Granada Hills

 GRANADA HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  CHATSWORTH Property Management CANOGA PARK Property Management WINNETKA Property Management TARZANA Property Management How can rental property management help me? The glut of homes, apartments and condominiums—nearly 14 million empty and 9 million currently for sale on the market from the recent housing boom and subsequent economic downturn have left both property owners and those… Read More →

Property Management-Winnetka

WINNETKA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  CHATSWORTH Property Management CANOGA PARK Property Management GRANADA HILLS Property Management TARZANA Property Management   Can a property manager or real estate manager help me with administrative and financial details? Generally, property managers and real estate managers handle the financial operations of the property, ensuring that rent is collected and that mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums,… Read More →

Property Management-Canoga Park

CANOGA PARK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHATSWORTH Property Management WINNETKA Property Management TARZANA Property Management GRANADA HILLS Property Management    I OWN THE PROPERTY, DO I WANT TO MANAGE IT MYSELF? Whats Involved in Effective Owner Management? Owning and managing property require two different skill sets. Unfortunately, many property owners purchase property not knowing the full responsibility that management entails.… Read More →