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Property Management-Winnetka

 WINNETKA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHATSWORTH Property Management CANOGA PARK Property Management TARZANA Property Management GRANADA HILLS Property Management   Can Landlords Ban Firearms From Their Properties?   A landlord recently asked a question regarding firearms: “Since the Newtown, Conn. shooting, I’ve been thinking that I’d rather not have any guns in my properties. I’m concerned that a tenant or… Read More →

Property Management-Granada Hills

GRANADA HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  CHATSWORTH, WINNETKA, TARZANA AND CANOGA PARK Property Management     Rental property owners and Property Managers have the responsibility to provide their tenants with safe and habitable housing. Not only is it the law, but focusing on safety can prevent accidents and other problems that can lead to crime on your… Read More →

Property Management-Tarzana

TARZANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHATSWORTH, CANOGA PARK, WINNETKA AND GRANADA HILLS  Property Managment     Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant for Smoking Pot?              Conflicting marijuana laws at the federal, state, and local levels have created uncharted legal territory across numerous areas of law including landlord-tenant law. This article addresses whether a landlord or property manager… Read More →

Property Management-Tarzana

 TARZANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHATSWORTH, CANOGA PARK, GRANADA HILLS and WINNETKA     We all know the importance of tenant screening. It provides benefits to you as well as to your other tenants, including: Peace of mind Safety Quality tenants Fewer evictions While a tenant credit check will tell you whether an applicant meets your qualifications,… Read More →

Property Management-Canoga Park

 CANOGA PARK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Chatsworth, Tarzana, Granada Hills and Winnetka   Always Write Down Why When You Have Rejected an Applicant When you reject an applicant, note the reasons for your decision. Put them on the back of the rental application. Then file it and other appropriate documentation. Don’t throw any of this information away.… Read More →