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Once the first blush of infatuation has passed, what keeps a renter interested in a property? Specialists in Property Management say that it’s often the little things that make a difference. Sure, an all-new kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances may draw a renter in, but it’s the overall attention to a property that will make him want to stay.

To illustrate this point, let’s say a guy gets lucky and scores a date with a beautiful model, only to discover, as he gets to know her, that she doesn’t often shower or brush her teeth. That is a turn-off, no matter how pretty she is. Professionals in residential property management, Orange County say the same principle applies to your rental property: It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if it’s not well maintained. So don’t relax just because the property has a great kitchen or other outstanding feature. Take care of the little things, too.

Here’s one surefire way to a renter’s heart: Before you show a property, polish the windows until they shine. There is something about clear, sparkling windows that lifts a person’s spirits and makes a residence feel cheerier. It will even increase one’s perception of a property’s value, so don’t take this powerful little step for granted.

As long as you’re polishing, make sure the hardwood floors are gleaming, too. And don’t stop there. Polish the chrome fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. These shiny objects act as visual cues to a renter that this is a place of value and comfort. It even subtly encourages a renter to care for the property in the same way that you obviously do.

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