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Eviction Procedure

Common Eviction Mistakes That Landlords Need to Avoid
How a Landlord Can Evict Tenants in California with Lawsuit: 7 Steps
Rules that Landlords Must Follow for Evicting Tenants
“3 Day Notice” for Landlords & Tenants: Things to Know & How to Act
What is a Notice of Abandonment and When Can it be Served?
Changing Locks – What Landlords Need To Know
Lessons Learned from First Time Tenant Eviction
Tips for Evicting Unwanted Tenants
Landlords’ ‘Powerless’ Situation: Fraudsters Use Appeal System to Delay Evictions
Eviction Slowdown in Los Angeles
What Can I Now Expect When I Evict a Tenant

Dealing With Bad Tenants

How to Identify and Prevent Illegal Activity on Your Properties
7 Problems Landlords Face with Bad Tenants: Course of Action
Root Cause of Most Tenant and Landlord Disputes
How Can You Avoid Tenant Landlord Disputes
Should Landlords Renew Lease with Bad Tenants?
Landlord Tenant Disputes: Signs Tenants are Taking Advantage of You
Understanding Tenant Bankruptcy as a Landlord
What to do if Your Tenant Stops Paying Rent
What to do When the Tenant Suddenly Disappears from the Property
Learn How to Deal with Dirty Tenants
How to Avoid Problem Tenants
Protect Yourself and Your Properties
5 Ways Tenants Are Scamming Landlords Today
The Signs of A Bad Tenant
What Can You Do if the Tenant Doesn’t Allow for Viewings

Reasons for Eviction

Seven Reasons You Should Evict a Tenant
Five Reasons to Evict Your Tenant
Top Ten Reasons to Do an Eviction – By Grayce Long, Attorney
Grounds on Which Tenants Can be Evicted
A Complete List of Reasons to Evict a Tenant in the City of Los Angeles
How to Prevent the Eviction Process

Lease and Rental Agreements

Lease and Rental Agreement – Why the Confusion?
Important Clauses In Your Lease
Essential California Rental Agreement Terms
A Strong Lease Agreement Means a Strong Business
What are Your Rights if the Tenants Break Their Lease Agreements?
Dealing with Tenants Who Violate the Contract
Are Long-Term Tenancy Agreements Beneficial?
Advantages of Contractual Periodic Tenancies
Can You Terminate the Lease Early to Sell Property or Move In?
Benefits of Renewing Tenant Lease
3 Benefits of Putting a Renters Insurance Clause in the Lease
Los Angeles, California Landlord Rent Control Rules
How to Avoid a Costly Mistake

Rental Habitability

What is Constructive Eviction in California
Is Your Rental Property Considered Uninhabitable?
Are Landlords Responsible for Bed Bugs in Rental Property?
Mold in Your Home. Liability, Responsibility and How to Prevent
Los Angeles Moving Towards Smoke Free Apartments

Court Judgments

What are Judgment Liens on Property in California?
How to Collect a Judgment
How to Collect a Judgment in California: 4 Ways That Can Help
Why Small Claims Court Judgments Are Hard to Collect
5 Things You Should Know About the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Landlord Options for Collecting a Small Claims Court Judgment
Commercial Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgment in California
Debt Collection and California Judgments
6 Tips that Can Help You Collect Your Judgment
Collecting on Judgments

Landlord Legal Issues

What to Know Before Filing a Case in a Small Claims Court
What are the Pros and Cons of Suing Your Tenant? – Find Out Here!
How Landlords Can Prevent Tenant Lawsuits
BASTA – Who Are They?
Landlords Representing Themselves in a Small Claims Court
Landlord Liabilities: Pitfalls, Problems and Lawsuits to Avoid
Situations in Which Landlords Can Enter Their Rental Properties
Things to Know to Protect Yourself: The Landlord
How to Protect Yourself from a Tenant Lawsuit
Californian Lawmakers Unite to Ensure More Protection for Renters
How a Landlord Could Deal with a Shelter-in-Place Order During an Emergency
Gov. Jerry Brown Places Protections Against Price-Gouging in the Wake of the North Bay fires

Landlord Responsibilities

A Landlord’s Duty Owed to Their Tenants
Top 10 Legal Responsibilities of a Landlord in California
Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner
Landlord Rights Vs Obligations
How to Make Your Property Safe for Yourself and Your Tenants
Tips on Preventing Your Tenant from Moving
10 Most Important Documents to Keep On Hand
Why are Routine Inspections Necessary
The Importance of a Fire Alarm System in Your Apartments


Reconsidering Your No Pet Policy
Should Landlords Allow Tenants with Pets?

Landlord & Property Management

Learn How To Manage Your Rental Property Successfully
Tips to Help You Become a Smart Landlord
4 Key Challenges Faced by Landlords
Manage Property Management Stress With These Four Tips
Is it Time for You to Hire a Property Management Company?
Finding a Good Property Manager – Key Qualities to Consider
15 Things I Have Learned Over 15 Years of Landlording
Tips to Be a Successful Landlord
Important Tips Every Landlord Must Remember
Are you Ready to Rent Your House? 5 Questions to Answer
Staying Connected with Your Tenants
Top 6 Strategies Landlords Can Adopt to Minimize Risk and Liabilities
Pros and Cons of Collecting Social Security Number from Tenants
How To Avoid Bigger Expenses as a Landlord
Guidelines on Landlord Inventory
Landlord Checklist Before Renting
Rental Property Shoppers Guide
How Technology Has Changed the Property Management Game
Ways to Improve Landlord Tenant Relationships

Security Deposits & Damages

What Can You Do If Your Property Has Been Damaged By Your Tenant
California Security Deposit Laws: What Landlords Must Know
Should I Let my Tenants Use Up the Security Deposit as Rent?
Damages vs. Wear and Tear

Dealing With Tenants

Most Common Tenant Complaints
How to Treat Different Types of Tenants
How to Set Responsibilities for Your Tenants
Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant – Which is the Better Option?
How to Make Sure the Tenant Looks After Your Property

Hiring Eviction Help

Our Eviction Court System – the Wild, Wild West!
The Pros and Cons of Hiring Eviction Services to Deal with Your Tenant
Benefits of Hiring a Landlord Lawyer
Beware of Who Represents You as a Landlord

Renting To Section 8 Tenants

Section 8 Renting – The Pros and Cons
Five Challenges for Landlords When Renting to Tenants under Section 8
How Should A Landlord Deal With Collecting Rent from a Section 8 Tenant
To Section 8 or not to Section 8?
Fair Market Rent Value

Attracting Tenants

What Features Tenants Look for in a Rental Property
Why Updating Outdoor Space Can Attract More Tenants
Desirable Amenities to Renters
Renters May be Able to Purchase Better Home with Same Monthly Rent
Attract a Greater Number of Tenants by Going Green


Landlord’s Guide to Raising Rent
Top 6 Tips To Increase Rent Without Losing the Tenant
Simple Ways to Arrange a Rent Rise
Late Rent Fees in California: How Much Can Landlords Charge
The Formula to Prorate Rent
Learn How to Price Your Rental Correctly
4 Tips for Preventing Tenants from Falling Behind in Rent
How to Increase Your Profits from a Rental Property
Buying to Mortgage – Fundamental Ideals for Landlords

Renting to Students & Roomates

Why Renting to Students is a Good Idea
Tips for Landlords when Renting Property to Students
When One Tenant Wants to Leave
What to do When Tenants Request for a Roommate

Tenant Screening

The Importance of Tenant Screening
How to Avoid Tenants Who You Would Have to Evict
Try Online Services for Tenant Screening
Why Should You Opt for Tenant Screening Services
How to Search for the Perfect Tenant
How Evicted Renters Can Easily Fool You
HUD’s New Guidelines for Criminal Records in the Rental Screening Process 2016
Californian Law Prohibits Landlords From Immigration Status Based Discrimination
Learn how to Verify Income and Employment Info of Prospective Tenants
Tenant Screening Tips
Advanced Screening Tips
The Importance of Tenant Screening
How to Choose the Right Tenants
How to Select the Right Tenant for Your Property
Attracting Good Tenants
Why Running a Credit Check on a Prospective Tenant is Important


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