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Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company

1. They Know The Local Area

As a landlord, you may not be familiar with the local area. As you could have properties based all over the countries and in some cases abroad. Being a landlord is a business operation and if you have invested in a specific property in a specific area then as a property management company we are able to help clients understand the local area. This means that the landlord will be able to not only price their rates based on the house prices in the area. But also that it helps the landlord to have a better relationship with the tenants which will lead to them staying in their residence for a longer period of time. All this will happen as a direct result of using property management to help manage your property portfolio. It also helps because if you have a portfolio of multiple properties then a company such as Rory Mack Associates can help you be in multiple places at once. If something goes wrong or is broken in 2 of your properties then you won’t be able to help both of them at the same time. Which means you will leave at least one of your tenants very unhappy. So should the worst happen property management helps to protect you from having to be in 2 places at once, meaning a Rory Mack representative can help to keep your properties in check.

2. We Do The Hard Work So You Can Focus On Better Things

If you have a property management company hired for your portfolio. It means that you can spend more time relaxing and not having to worry about any issues that may arise in your tenants home. It helps you to be able to take a break when you’re on holiday and then should the worst happen that you’re needed by a tenant and you can’t be there. Then the company will be on hand to take care of the problem and restore order to the home. Also managing properties on your own can be a very stressful time for you, especially if you’re new to the industry and have only just invested for the first time. So why take the stress why you can pay someone else to take care of the stress for you? Rory Mack Associates are experts in Property Management and can help to manage the properties that you own. Get in touch with us today on 01782 715725 to chat with us about how we can help you!

3. Years Of Experience

All property management companies know what they’re talking about and a property manager has years of experience in this industry. Our managers are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to giving our clients the best service possible. The experience really does shine through when handling the property portfolio as it helps to keep your properties running like clockwork 24/7 as someone manages it all to make sure you’re tenants are happy. They’re also great at handling any negative criticism they may receive regarding an issue or problem in the house. This resilience is only something you find in the best managers and is not something that everyone is just born with. Having this experience when managing your portfolio has significant consequences on your retention rate of tenants and also, tenant relationships. Can you really afford not to invest in property management at the expense of your landlord reputation?

4. Better Quality Tenants

When you hire a property management company it is likely to they will be there to oversee any potential new tenants that apply to live in one of your respected properties. This screening process conducted by the property managers mean that the tenants that will live in your properties will be a lot more trustful, and “better quality” so to speak. This is an early indication that the tenant will be more trustful and pay promptly. This will help you to build a good client relationship with the tenant. Property management companies know what to look out for in a bad tenant such as personality traits etc and can match you up with a tenant who will be no fuss at all. Also if you have to interview every single one of your potential clients then this can be a right mess for you to get caught up and it is very time consuming. So why not just save yourself some time to focus on other things? We hear stories all the time of landlords who have had poor experiences with their tenants which is always a shame to hear. Not only for us but we feel for the client as well. So we’re here to help you in getting the best clients for your properties!

5. If You Have A Lot Of Properties It’s Better To Manage

A lot of properties can be a huge task to handle. We’ve met clients in the past that have had dozens of different properties in their portfolio and have told us nightmare stories of how they’ve tried to manage it on their own, causing huge amounts of stress and unorganisation amongst the houses. If you have a lot of properties then we can assign more people to your portfolio to increase the manpower behind it. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that everyone is satisfied in your portfolio as we understand our client’s needs and this is their livelihood so it means a huge amount to the landlord. So don’t slave away all day on your portfolio, give yourself a break and give us a call!


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