Property Management – Calabasas – Job Description

 Job Description: Director of Property Management

Senior Management Participation
• Participates as an active and contributing member of the Senior Management Group and other sub-groups as appropriate.
• Maintains a constructive and highly interactive relationship with the other departments to maximize portfolio value and streamline reporting, including but not limited to:
• Asset Management – which acts as the “quarterback” calling the plays and coordinating team members on the assets as directed by the Strategic Business Plan;
• Creative and Leasing as these departments work to drive revenue and differentiate Company assets;
• Risk Management on insurance, crisis preparedness and crisis avoidance matters;
• Legal Department on employment and other legal matters at the property level;
• Fund Accounting on reporting and cash flow issues;
• Accounting on budgeting, monthly and annual reporting, reforecasts, etc.;
• Human Resources on employment related issues.

Goal Setting
• Assists in the establishment and implementation of Company organizational strategies, goals and objectives to ensure efficient operations.
• Create and implement a Company Property Management Manual that establishes standardized policies and procedures and Best Practices applicable to each project and the organization as a whole.
• In conjunction with the Strategic Business Plan, works with the asset managers, property managers, and creative/leasing teams to establish written goals and objectives relative to properties.
• Establishes written objectives/strategies with individual property managers relative to each property management offices.
• Provides guidance and motivates property managers to obtain results, both at the property level and at the management office.
• Monitors all of the above to ensure consistency with expectations.

Employment Process
• Manages all property management staff.
• Assists the property managers in selecting employees for the property management offices.
• When hiring property managers, checks references and effectively coordinates the interviewing process.
• Takes appropriate action, when necessary to reward, reprimand or terminate property managers.

• Provides orientation and initial training of property managers.
• Trains property managers on Company policies and procedures, Best Practices.
• Ensures that all employee training needs are assessed, and necessary training programs are designed and implemented to meet staff requirements.
• Evaluates and approves any outside training for property managers.

Performance Management
• Be aware of all material property management issues.
• Through continuous periodic property visits/property inspections and quarterly review meetings, assesses and communicates property manager performance against Strategic Business Plan goals.
• In accordance with Company’s policies, reviews all established goals and objectives with property managers in a timely manner.
• Evaluates property managers, counsels and recommends areas for improvement.
• Makes annual salary recommendations based on overall performance ratings for property managers, and reviews and approves property managers’ salary recommendations for the management office staff.

• Effectively communicates in both verbal and written format.
• Conveys essential information concisely and in a timely manner throughout the organization, as appropriate.
• Facilitates clear and concise communication by property managers directly to asset management and senior management, and vice versa.
• As appropriate, assists and supports firm marketing efforts and asset managers and senior managers in effectively communicating with Company’s current and prospective partners/tenants.

• Assists the acquisitions team in coordinating functions involving the purchase of properties as follows:
• Attend Monday Acquisition Pipeline and Asset Management meeting;
• New deal review includes:
• Provide “reality check” on pro formas with a focus on expense items
• Provide feedback on important due diligence items;
• Where it is anticipated Company will manage the asset, determine appropriate resource and staffing allocation and timelines for the asset, along with a projected Company P&L for the asset.
• Travel as needed during acquisitions due diligence to see proposed assets and interview potential new Company employees and/or third-party managers, depending upon path to be taken.

Real Estate Expertise
• Supports the property managers and creative/leasing professionals in the accomplishment of their goals and objectives though the application of proven real estate expertise.
• Provides continuing training to the property managers by sharing this real estate knowledge.
• Supports and assists property managers in negotiating significant leases, major service contracts, and solving property operating issues.

Tenant Relations
• Coordinate and implement annual tenant surveys and evaluate the results.
• In addition, maintains relationships with key tenants.

Leasing & Marketing
• Through the Strategic Business Plan process, supports the asset manager and property managers in the development of specific leasing and marketing plans for each property.
• Coordinates property managers’ involvement with local brokerage community and maintains appropriate contacts with key regional brokerage managers.

Property Renovation and Redevelopment
• Supports the asset managers, development managers, and property managers in the assessment of potential value-added renovations and/or redevelopment.
• Recommends appropriate value enhancement strategies as appropriate.
• As needed, works with the Creative/Development managers in the development and execution of property renovation programs.
• As appropriate, assists the Creative/Development managers in the establishment of project parameters, design scope, and capital authorization approvals.
• Ensures that appropriate fiscal controls for capital expenditure projects are followed.
• Utilization (Highest and Best Use)
• Supports the asset managers, development managers, and property managers in the assessment of each property’s current position in the marketplace and in developing value enhancement strategies based upon these assessments.
• Ensures that these strategies are appropriately communicated to the asset manager and are integrated into the Strategic Business Plan process.


• Effectively manages and leads property managers.
• Ensures that all property management offices are properly staffed and operated effectively in accordance with Company standards.
• Works closely with property management administration professionals in the implementation of Company’s policies and procedures, Best Practices.
• As appropriate, approves disbursements that exceed the property managers’ approval authority.
• Ensures regulatory and local law compliance.

• Reviews and approves the annual budgets for the property management offices and individual properties prior to submission to asset managers for fiscal approval.
• Monitors the property managers’ performance relative to the Strategic Business Plan strategies and the related budgeted goals and objectives.
• Supports the property managers in their efforts to manage operating expenses and major delinquency problems.
• Responsible for each property manager receiving the proper level of accounting services from the Company accounting group.
• Work closely with Company Accounting to ensure all reporting is done on a timely basis.
• Be involved in the fall and spring reforecast (budgets) process, ensuring timelines are met and accuracy and standardization in reporting, as outlined in the Company Best Practices.

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