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Property Manager – Granada Hills – Going Green

The Benefits Of Going Green

Today, a record number of property management companies are experiencing the benefits of going green. The Green Property Management Course, offered by The National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) is designed to provide property managers with the training required to obtain the Credential for Green Property Management (CGPM).

Property managers with limited budgets frequently question the need to obtain CGPM certification, but the course offers many benefits, even to those unable to implement costly upgrades or purchase expensive equipment.

The complete course contains nine modules that are designed to assist property managers in how to use energy more efficiently, conserve water, and how to implement energy efficient measures at your properties. The course can be useful for just about anyone, from the property manager on a tight budget, to those testing the ‘green’ waters.  However, those serious about implementing  green practices throughout their communities will undoubtedly gain the most from the course.

So why should you consider taking this class?

  • You can become familiar with green building principles and practices, allowing them to create a solid blueprint for future implementation, at the speed that’s right for you.
  • The bottom line. Why wouldn’t you want to be provided with information on how to easily reduce energy use while also eliminating energy-sucking practices that inflate costs – all while remaining on a budget.
  • Learn how to manage resources efficiently. Like energy waste, resource waste can eat into profits quickly. You can learn everything from purchasing energy efficient equipment for your front office to implementing a recycling program that actually makes an impact.
  • Today, one third of the country remains in a drought. This typically results in higher utility bills and water restriction. Why not learn real water efficiency measures including proven water conservation techniques, and the best way to implement landscaping that is both attractive and reduces water consumption?
  • Create positive environmental impact with your tenants. Managers can implement many of these green practices, but without the cooperation and enthusiasm of your tenants, your positive impact on the environment will be limited. Learn how to convince your tenants to make better energy choices by demonstrating how their daily habits really affect the environment.

Going green is no longer a trend for property managers – it’s a viable option for those looking to preserve the environment for generations to come.  If you’re interested in reducing your property’s carbon footprint, this program may be right for you.


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