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Property Management – Granada Hills – Should you Manage your own Properties?

 GRANADA HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Are You a Good Fit to Manage Your Own Rental Properties? To help you avoid a melt down, I thought I would offer you a little quiz to help you figure out if you suited to be a property manager. Think about your answers to the following questions to see… Read More →

Property Management – Northridge – Fill the Vacancy

 NORTHRIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Priority No 1 – Fill the Vacancy Here’s why I believe, as a rental property owner of nearly 30 years, that filling vacancies should be the number 1 priority for landlords and property managers. It all comes downs to cash flow. Continual cash flow is the “life-blood” of the landlord business.… Read More →

Property Management – Winnetka – Checklist For Tenant Eviction

 WINNETKA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Checklist For Tenant Eviction Tenant eviction is never a pleasant chore; nevertheless, it has to be done, when necessary. If all options have been exhausted and the only one left is to evict a tenant, take the following set of specific steps to ensure everything goes smoothly. Documentation should be in… Read More →

Property Management – Northridge – Benefits

 NORTHRIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   Why a Property Manager Is Beneficial During the Eviction Process There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a property manager to handle the eviction process. They can help you in more ways than one, and it could prove to be very beneficial to your case. More and more people… Read More →

Property Management – Encino – Lead Based Paint in California

 ENCINO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT     Lead Based Paint Hazards in California Residential Rental Property The federal Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act applies to residential property built before 1978. It imposes the following duties on owners: 1.    All prospective tenants must be provided with a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention, Protect Your Family… Read More →