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Property Manager – Calabasas – Tenant Screening

Ten Tips for Screening Potential Tenants of Your Rental Property As a landlord, having the right tenants makes all the difference. There are many warning signs of problem tenants, and some may not be immediately apparent. Repeat offenders are used to getting by landlords, and you can’t always rely on gut instinct or your first… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park – Why Hire?

6 Reasons Savvy Investors Hire a Property Manager Savvy real estate investors know that to build a portfolio that works for them instead of creating work for them they need to have great partners. A property management company can be an essential partner for those who know that they want to be investors and not… Read More →

Property Manager – Encino – Audit

 Are You Ready for an Audit? Isn’t it amazing how a simple five-letter word can create such panic and anxiety in so many of us. While tales of audit disaster are found everywhere, most audits are simple and straightforward, involving little drama and a lot of paperwork. Of course, even with these reassurances, being audited,… Read More →

Property Manager – Granada Hills – Going Green

The Benefits Of Going Green Today, a record number of property management companies are experiencing the benefits of going green. The Green Property Management Course, offered by The National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) is designed to provide property managers with the training required to obtain the Credential for Green Property Management (CGPM). Property managers… Read More →

Property Manager – Lake Balboa- Needs

4 Reasons Your Prospects Need a Property Manager   The opinion in many U.S. markets is that property management services are reserved for out-of-state owners or large investors. However, PMs are valuable whether your owners have one or 100 units. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Michelle Horneff-Cohen, President of Property Management Systems,… Read More →