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Property Manager – Woodland Hills

Tips for hiring a competent property manager By Melissa Sprouse Browne    Owning rental property can be an excellent investment. A good source of steady income, rentals can offer the opportunity to increase your personal portfolio through real estate holdings. If you own one or several rental homes or apartments, the care and maintenance required… Read More →

Property Manager – Calabasas

Duties of a Property Manager By John A. Yoegel The duties of a property manager for the purposes of the Real Estate License Exam generally are defined as maximizing income and maintaining or increasing the overall value of the property being managed. The information here is about how a property manager is responsible for the… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park

Tenant Screening Tips for Property Managers   BY MATT DONNELLY The 80/20 rule of the landlord-tenant relationship dictates that 20% of your tenants will be responsible for 80% of your grievances and headache. Since a few bad apples will end up consuming the majority of your time/energy, and in turn stunt your efforts to grow your business,… Read More →

Property Manager – Chatsworth

Rent Payments Reported to Credit Bureaus – RentBureau RentTrack Help Your Credit by Reporting Rent Payments Paying your rent on time each month feels good and, of course, saves you the unnecessary expense of late fees. But what if on-time rental payments came with a benefit that went beyond boosting your self-esteem and bank account,… Read More →

Property Manager – Encino

What Landlords Look For in a Credit Report by Claire Tsosie Nearly one in two landlords said the results of a credit check were among the top three factors used when deciding whether to accept a tenant’s lease application, according to a TransUnion study. The rise in online credit checks and increased competition in the… Read More →