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Property Management – Granada Hills – Fees

 Property Management Fees The price of management services is important. Carnahan & Associates Property Management endeavors to provide you the best service for the lowest cost. With over 60 years experience, we believe that no one does it better for less! SINGLE FAMILY HOMES AND INDIVIDUAL CONDOMINIUMS: Property Management fee is 5% of the monthly rent… Read More →

Property Management – Encino –

 The Three Biggest Problems with Property Management Companies… and How to Avoid Them Let’s face it, there are plenty of property management firms to choose from… and every one of them will give you their absolute assurance that, if you hire them for your community, they will provide a level of service far beyond what you’re… Read More →

Property Management – Chatsworth – Screening

 Tenant Screening Tips for Property Managers The 80/20 rule of the landlord-tenant relationship dictates that 20% of your tenants will be responsible for 80% of your grievances and headache. Since a few bad apples will end up consuming the majority of your time/energy, and in turn stunt your efforts to grow your business, a proper tenant… Read More →

Property Management – Canoga Park – Security Deposit

Security Deposit This topic covers how to move a security deposit or other deposit when you’ll no longer be managing a property. This topic will cover the following scenario: You’ve worked with the rental owner, Bailey Jill, for years managing her property, 100 Main Street. Times are changing, though, and Bailey has decided to use… Read More →

Property Management – Calabasas – Insurance

The difference between landlord insurance companies This month was my turn to create the news letter to send to our landlords with our end of month statement. I was asked to include something about landlord insurance. I thought about what could I write about landlord insurance. That same day I was at an appraisal and… Read More →