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Property Manager – Granada Hills

Reasons You Should Hire a Good Property Manager Property management protects your investment value of property managerChances are you are looking to maximize the profit from your investments as well as maintain and increase the value of your properties. Here are some reasons why you should hire a property manager: 1. You’ll Make More Money… Read More →

Property Manager – Encino

Property Managers: Vital To A Successful Investment    by Hayden Groves  “Over the last couple of years there have been a handful of stories reported in the media where rental properties have been destroyed by tenants. While these types of incidents are relatively uncommon, it is worth noting that in almost all of these cases,… Read More →

Property Manager – Chatsworth

Legitimate Reasons to Evict a Tenant 1. Nonpayment of Rent The most common reason for a lease termination and eviction is nonpayment of rent. It’s an easy concept to understand: “if you don’t pay, you can’t stay”. Most courts and judges are reasonable about this, and make little exceptions to allowing a non-paying tenant to… Read More →

Property Manager – Canoga Park

How to Find a Good Property Management Company If you decide to hire a property management company, use caution in selecting one. Here’s how: Get recommendations from colleagues and your local apartment association. Search professional directories on the Internet. Visit the website of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) at www.irem.org and click “Find a Professional.”… Read More →

Property Manager – Calabasas

Landlord Tips Fast Eviction Blog Articles Eviction Procedure Common Eviction Mistakes That Landlords Need to Avoid How a Landlord Can Evict Tenants in California with Lawsuit: 7 Steps Rules that Landlords Must Follow for Evicting Tenants “3 Day Notice” for Landlords & Tenants: Things to Know & How to Act What is a Notice of… Read More →